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Catloge Number Artist Title Release Date
NKR794 Anonymous Coward Anonymous Coward LP 04/23/11
NKR001 Yoni Alias My Name Is Yoni 04/23/11
NKR002 Kouhan Works Kouhan Works EP 04/24/11
NKR003 Kouhan Works For The Kids,For The Future 05/07/11
NKR004 Rawreck Space Walk EP 05/07/11
NKR005 Peepweep Peepweep Debut EP 05/07/11
NKR006 Yoni Alias Deep Kiss From Yoni EP 05/25/11
NKR007 Kouhan Works Notitle LP 06/03/11
NKR008 Haha Naru Chikyu Ore Wo Itsumade hakai suru kid nanda? 06/08/11
NKR080 Belial Port 80 Open Your Port EP 05/26/11
NKR009 Anonymous Coward Cham Cham EP 07/09/11
NKR081 Belial Port 80 Personal IDs EP 07/09/11
NKR010 Anonymous Coward No Place To Back Right 07/31/11
NKR011 Kirze Plugin EP 07/31/11
NKR012 Anonymous Coward Like Yourself 10/05/11
NKR101 Kouhan Works Out Takes 10/05/11
NKR013 Kouhan Works Kill Selections 10/06/11
NKR580 Kouhan Works Oddman Works 10/20/11
NKR512 Ain't You Birdy Bitcheez 10/29/11
NKR333 Kouhan Works Over Works 01/04/12
NKR818 Belial Port 80 SOPA STRIKES 01/18/12
NKR014 Peepweep Forgot Us? 02/18/12
NKR015 Anonymous Coward Ruins 02/18/12
NKR017 NKRBGMaker NKRBGM EP 03/18/12
NKR016 Belial Port 80 Oh My God 03/02/12
NKR018 Kouhan Works Minor Scale Works 04/29/12
NKR900 NKR Unkown Artist White Label #1 03/25/12
NKR019 Fake Realize Life Is Orgasmo 06/09/12
NKR020 Fake Realize Supra EP 07/01/12
NKR329 Rin Hazama Sazacid 07/20/12
NKR839 Fake Realize Struggle 08/04/12
NKR021 UnLy Oldies 09/23/12
NKR022 Kouhan Works Stolen Works 09/30/12
NKR023 UnLy Fun & Sorrow 12/15/12
NKR213 Yoni Alias 2013 01/01/13
NKR024 UnLy Jungle 01/19/13
NKR025 ZenGnome 5AM 02/09/13
NKR026 myBADmusic myBADmusic 08/10/13

[NKR794]Anonymous Coward LP


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