About NKR in English

Nekura Kid Reocrds initiative-established in January 2010, the label was founded Internet.Welcome from the dark roots(a natural-born depressed), immersed in the music,an unpleasant irritation to the commercial song from the street.Each of their gear (which is, laptops, guitars, microphones, turntables do anything) on the power button to (Acoustic Even a rebeled gear), and the shape.When your Commute, walk on parks,your mobile MP3 player sounds that "rebellion droppings" ,listening to indulge. Self-satisfaction, Masturbation. That's correct.if you do not deliver it.It never makes Struggles forever.You never without thinking to listen shit music,gloomy counterattack from thoughtful music freaks.Internet is a collection of thousands of networks.So,not no hand do not use it?Standby is made. You do not care how ridiculous question then is not going to pull it off.
※All songs are distributed under the Creative Commons.
※time to time, we accept your DEMO. All genre OK.